Introduction: Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) is a chronic skin condition that often requires acute care during periods of flares, with many patients visiting the emergency department over 5 times before receiving a proper diagnosis. However, little is known about emergency medicine (EM) providers’ experiences and knowledge of HS management. Methods: In this study, an anonymous survey was distributed to EM providers to identify knowledge and practice gaps in HS care. Results: The results showed that most respondents lacked confidence in HS diagnosis and management, especially in knowing available treatment options and managing patients with moderate to severe HS. Attendings were more confident than non-attendings in diagnosing and managing HS, and providers who saw more HS patients per month were more confident in referring patients to appropriate specialists. Over 80% of respondents referred HS patients to dermatology, which is an important initial step in HS management. Conclusion: The study highlights the importance of educating EM providers in HS recognition, timely referral to dermatology, and initial management to improve quality of life among patients and mitigate disease progression.

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