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Keywords: Embodiment
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Journal Articles
Psychopathology 1–7.
Published Online: 26 September 2023
... to in the content or advertisements. 2023 Anorexia nervosa Embodiment Husserl Intersubjectivity Phenomenology Anorexia nervosa (AN) is classified by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) as an eating disorder characterized by significant weight loss [ 1 ]. AN is characterized...
Journal Articles
Psychopathology (2023) 56 (3): 165–172.
Published Online: 20 April 2023
... Phenomenology Psychosis Centrality Intersubjectivity Embodiment In the course of his practice in a Parisian psychiatric emergency room, psychiatrist Henri Grivois developed, over the last 30 years, a substantial body of work focused on the original notion of “nascent psychosis” [ 1‒4 ]. This notion...
Journal Articles
Psychopathology (2022) 55 (2): 69–72.
Published Online: 17 January 2022
... where being-a-person and having-a-body meet matter a lot for becoming ill, staying, and getting well. What attitudes and what approaches can help us understand the bodily self ? After very briefly summarizing current understandings of embodiment and enactivism, we will suggest some practical...
Journal Articles
Psychopathology (2022) 55 (3-4): 168–178.
Published Online: 20 December 2021
... us to argue that the development of a background of safety requires a particular embodied presence of others, which, in turn, contributes to the constitution of a safe we-space, a shared and familiar environment providing a matrix for the experience of a stable world. However, even when established...
Journal Articles
Psychopathology (2021) 54 (3): 113–118.
Published Online: 01 April 2021
... encounters with disembodied, virtual interactions mediated by images. Visual experiences that are more embodied, participatory, and “immersed” are replaced by passive forms of “seeing”: the other becomes an image for me, and I for the other. The object of medicine has also recently dematerialized...
Journal Articles
Psychopathology (2021) 54 (2): 106–112.
Published Online: 01 March 2021
... that neither clinician ratings nor self-ratings of psychomotor symptoms in depressed patients are correlated with objectively measured GBM. MEA thus offers a unique insight into the embodied symptoms of depression that are not available via patients’ self-ratings or clinician ratings. anna.sandmeir@uni...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Psychopathology (2018) 51 (5): 326–334.
Published Online: 31 October 2018
...Johannes Michalak; Ani Chatinyan; Helena Chourib; Tobias Teismann Background/Aims: Basic research on embodiment has demonstrated that manipulating the motoric system has broad effects on cognitive and emotional processes. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of an embodiment...
Journal Articles
Psychopathology (2018) 50 (6): 408–415.
Published Online: 18 November 2017
...-focused research in the field of autism. However, these writings generally concentrate on problems of embodied intersubjectivity as an alternative approach to leading “theory of mind” paradigms. The present article reflects on the role and dimension of sensorimotor problems in themselves and not primarily...
Journal Articles
Psychopathology (2017) 50 (4): 273–281.
Published Online: 09 August 2017
... characteristic “disturbances of embodiment” as the fundamental phenomena of “core depression”, which manifest themselves in 3 dimensions: embodied self, embodied intentionality, and embodied time. A more useful diagnosis of depression may be achieved by describing the phenomena that constitute a core depression...
Journal Articles
Psychopathology (2014) 47 (6): 394–407.
Published Online: 30 September 2014
... (SCZ) from the early stage of the illness. In this study we first investigated whether mirror neuron-driven embodied simulation (mnES) is altered in first-episode SCZ. Second, we tested whether emotional cues impact on the mnES in SCZ patients. Methods: Twenty-two SCZ patients and 22 healthy controls...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Psychopathology (2010) 43 (5): 327–333.
Published Online: 28 July 2010
...Sanneke de Haan; Thomas Fuchs The notion of embodiment is central to the phenomenological approach to schizophrenia. This paper argues that fundamental concepts for the understanding of schizophrenia have a bodily dimension. We present 2 single cases of first-onset schizophrenic patients...
Journal Articles
Psychopathology (2005) 38 (3): 133–139.
Published Online: 09 June 2005
... explains these different alterations using Husserl’s concept of intentional perception on the one hand, and Merleau-Ponty’s concept of embodied perception on the other hand. The first may also be understood as describing the intersubjective constitution of reality through common concepts which structure...
Journal Articles
Psychopathology (2002) 35 (6): 319–326.
Published Online: 26 February 2003
...Thomas Fuchs The paper illustrates the present role of phenomenological psychopathology by outlining its methods and focusing on some of its major issues: embodiment or body scheme, intentionality, time consciousness and intersubjectivity. The application of these categories to the analysis...