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Keywords: Adaptation
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Psychopathology (2015) 48 (6): 368–375.
Published Online: 26 August 2015
..., but there is a difference related to the dialectic between the ego and the alter ego. A patient with mania has a fundamental crisis of the ego, which a psychopath does not have. A second finding of our investigations concerns emotions and the adaptive dimension of the psychopathic disorder. An epistemological discussion...
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Psychopathology (2012) 45 (4): 244–251.
Published Online: 30 May 2012
... = 212) Psychotic disorders Reliability Schizophrenia Validity Adaptation Factor analysis Delusions and hallucinations are cause of serious distress for patients suffering from psychotic disorders, and how patients cope with them plays an important role in processes involved...
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Psychopathology (2007) 41 (1): 17–27.
Published Online: 18 October 2007
..., the mechanisms and outcomes of evolution are controversial. (2) In the first three quarters of the 20th century, several authors provided theories about human psychology based on ethological concepts. The so-called evolutionary psychology/psychiatry developed more recently, and it explores the adaptive...
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Psychopathology (2000) 33 (4): 191–197.
Published Online: 16 June 2000
...Andrea Camperio Ciani The wide distribution of rage in animals suggests that rage should have an adaptive significance. In the present work, the function of rage is explored under an evolutionary perspective. I try to assess the selective advantage conferred to the individual presenting rage...