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Journal Name Change

Vol. 1-11 (1975-1984) were published under the journal's former title Child's Brain and Vol. 12-15 (1985/86-1989) under Pediatric Neuroscience.

Pediatric Neurosurgery 2023, Vol. 58, No. 4

Research Article

Pediatr Neurosurg (2023) 58 (4): 185–196.
Pediatr Neurosurg (2023) 58 (4): 197–205.
Pediatr Neurosurg (2023) 58 (4): 206–214.
Pediatr Neurosurg (2023) 58 (4): 215–222.

Novel Insights from Clinical Practice

Pediatr Neurosurg (2023) 58 (4): 223–230.
Established Facts

  • Primary intracranial malignant melanoma (PIMM) is an extremely rare primary brain tumor with most cases reported in adults. To date, there are very few cases of PIMM reported in the pediatric population.

  • In-depth studies suggest that oncogenic drivers of PIMM in adults and children are molecularly distinct. In children, the tumor is believed to be driven by NRAS mutations.

  • Owing to its infrequency, there are no established guidelines to treat this aggressive neoplasm effectively.

Letter to the Editor

Pediatr Neurosurg (2023) 58 (4): 231–232.
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