The article “The Anticancer Effect of Huaier Extract in Renal Cancer 786-O Cells” [Pharmacology 2018;102(5–6):316–323,] by Can Wei, Zhengfang Liu, Luchao Li, Yanbin Zhang, Zhiqing Fang, and Yidong Fan has been retracted by the Publisher and the Editor.

After the publication of this article, concerns were raised about the integrity of some of the data presented. Specifically, there is overlap between the representative images in Figure 2a which are labelled as separate groups. There is a change in the reporting of the species used in the methods section. Scale bars are absent in the representative images of the migration assay in Figure 2d.

The corresponding author was asked to comment on the concerns raised and provide the original data. A review of the original data raised further concerns about the reliability of the quantification in Figures 2b and 2c.

After consultation with the Editorial Board, it was determined that the response to the concerns was not satisfactory and the article should be retracted as the reliability of the results cannot be guaranteed.

The authors did not respond to correspondence regarding this retraction within the timeframe specified.