The facts that cancer represents tissues consisting of heterogeneous neoplastic, as well as reactive, cell populations and that cancers of the same histotype may show profound differences in clinical behavior have long been recognized. With the advent of new technologies and the demands of precision medicine, the investigation of tumor heterogeneity has gained much interest. An understanding of intertumoral heterogeneity in patients with the same disease entity is necessary to optimally guide personalized treatment. In addition, increasing evidence indicates that different tumor areas or primary tumors and metastases in an individual patient can show significant intratumoral heterogeneity on different levels. This phenomenon can be driven by genomic instability, epigenetic events, the tumor microenvironment, and stochastic variations in cellular function and antitumoral therapies. These mechanisms may lead to branched subclonal evolution from a common progenitor clone, resulting in spatial variation between different tumor sites, disease progression, and treatment resistance. This review addresses tumor heterogeneity in lymphomas from a pathologist's viewpoint. The relationship between morphologic, immunophenotypic, and genetic heterogeneity is exemplified in different lymphoma entities and reviewed in the context of high-grade transformation and transdifferentiation. In addition, factors driving heterogeneity, as well as clinical and therapeutic implications of lymphoma heterogeneity, will be discussed.

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