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Transformative Journals

Transforming to Open Access

Our Transformative Journals

As part of Karger's commitment to supporting authors and organizations by facilitating all Open Access mandates and Karger’s efforts to drive forward a sustainable Open Access transition, Karger is integrating the Transformative Journal approach to an open future as defined by Coalition S. Transformative Journals commit to a number of criteria, including an annual increase in the share of Open Access content and implementation of a fully Open Access model for the journals at the latest when 75% of their articles are published Open Access.

Find more information about transformative Journals on the Coalition S website.

Cover: European Addiction Research

European Addiction Research

Cover: Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation

Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation

Cover: Journal of Vascular Research

Journal of Vascular Research

Cover: Skin Appendage Disorders

Skin Appendage Disorders

Transformative Journal Open Access Targets

To see these journals' progression toward OA, view the report of the approved Transformative Journals.


Fair and Transparent Hybrid Journal Subscription Pricing

Karger Publishers is active on many fronts for a transition to Open Access that is both sustainable and fair. One step towards the transition is hybrid Open Access, through which authors can choose in some journals to publish under a subscription or an Open Access model.

To ensure that we do not unfairly charge stakeholders twice for the same service – known as ‘double dipping’ – we adjust subscription prices for these journals based on the proportion of revenue generated from Open Access fees in those journals compared to the revenue generated from subscription and licence fees. Prices are adjusted annually based on the percentage change between the two most recent periods. To prevent excessive annual price changes year-on-year, the comparison is made over two rolling three-year periods.

With this method, we hope to smooth out volatility to facilitate budgeting and make pricing fair for all.



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