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Audiology & Speech

The Audiology and Speech portfolio is comprised of the latest in research on communication sciences and disorders, otorhinolaryngology, and the auditory and vestibular system.

Cardiovascular System

Our journals on the cardiovascular system delve into the field's latest clinical and basic research. Topics you can explore range from heart disease to vascular research and pulsatile phenomena.

Dental Medicine

Our Dental Medicine portfolio covers all aspects of oral medicine randing from caries prevention to tooth wear.


Our Dermatology portfolio spans a vast breadth of topics from hair to aesthetic medicine.


This portfolio offers both basic and clinical research on major Endocrine topics: thyroid, metabolism, hormones and more.

Further Areas

Access any research that traverses beyond the our subject areas.


Our gastroenterology journals gather findings from cutting-edge research in the field, providing insights into a wide range of topics from biomedical research to the latest in therapy, techniques, and clinical developments.

General Medicine

This portfolio provides a range of specialty journals investigating the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various diseases throughout the body.


Access leading journals on genetics and biotechnology exploring topics from cytogenetics to genomics.

Geriatrics & Gerontology

Our titles in Geriatric & Gerontology examine all aspects of aging in humans and animals and address them with a comprehensive and integrated approach.


Our hematology journals contain research exploring all aspects of blood and blood-related diseases, from hemostasis to immunohematology and hemato-oncology.

Immunology & Allergy

This interdisciplinary portfolio on Immunology and Allergy offers insights on topics such as virology and neuroimmunomodulation.


Our Nephrology portfolio encompasses the latest in clinical and experimental kidney research, from blood pressure to dialysis.

Neurology & Neuroscience

Our extensive portfolio in Neurology, Neuroscience, and Neurosurgery allows you to discover cutting-edge research and practice across 12 journals and two book series.

Nutrition & Dietetics

Our expansive nutrition portfolio presents in-depth research on nutrition, metabolism, obesity and lifestyle genomics.


From stomach to skin, from blood to liver – oncology at Karger adopts an interdisciplinary approach and covers all aspects of cancer with a host of journals and with a strong focus on clinical research.


Opthalmalogy at Karger allows readers to access today's most relevant work addressing issues like treating retinal diseases and opthalmic cancer.

Pathology & Cell Biology

Karger's portfolio on pathology and cell biology expands the reaches of the latest research in clinical cytology, cytopathology, developmental biology, and regenerative medicine.


Delve into our Pharmacology portfolio that presents a variety of topics ranging from medical cannabis to skin pharmacology and physiology.


With investigations into respiratory disease and beyond, peruse a collection on pnemology that presents research in English, German and Spanish.

Psychiatry & Psychology

Our comprehensive portfolio in psychiatry and psychology serves basic and clinical researchers, as well as practicing clinicians.

Public Health

Our portfolio on public health gives readers an array of research topics to explore, from epidemiological trends to addiction disorders and genomics.


A portfolio dedicated to surgical research and practice—Explore our titles in this field spanning from general surgery, to neurosurgery and ORL surgery.

Women's & Children's Health

Our portfolio on women's and children's health is an interdisciplinary collection delving into all crucial health research for women's reproductive health and the wellbeing of neonates, children and adolescents.
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