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Welcome to Karger in South Korea

Adapting to the needs of different regions is important to us since we want to provide tailormade solutions for every partner. We work closely with the regional academic and government research consortium KCUE and KESLI. We also work with hospitals, government research, academic societies and health science professionals to ensure access to relevant content and services together with publishing opportunities.


New Open Access Model: Subscribe to Open

To help pave the way for a broader Open Science ecosystem, Karger Publishers is introducing Subscribe to Open (S2O), converting two subscription journals to Open Access, and making three additional publications Transformative Journals.

Research Publication Services by RPI

From consultation to global promotion Research Publishing International (RPI), a science communication agency and part of the Karger portfolio, provides an end-to-end communication service to the scientific community, making your scientific research accessible to all.

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Products & Services

User Guide for South Korean Customers (PDF)


Team Members

Portrait Mike Petersen


Mike Petersen

Head of Regional Office, Distributor & Agent Management

+44 748 507 69 39

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