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Hero Patients

Patients and Their Supporters

Reliable and easy to understand medical knowledge for patients and their supporters.

Empower Your Health Journey. No Degree Required.

Benefit from straightforward and reliable medical knowledge that can aid you in your healthcare journey. Regardless of what your questions or concern may be, you can use these resources to guide your interactions with healthcare professionals and discover advice that can be incorporated into your lifestyle.

With these services, you can avoid asking unreliable sources and skip directly to the latest trustworthy medical research. Healthcare professionals have recommended these resources to their patients as a reliable source for facts and advice.

Whatever your needs and preferences may be, our services are presented in various formats including visual, audio, and written, and are designed to accommodate a diversity of experience and approaches to learning. For example, the Fast Facts Handbook, which is consulted by healthcare professionals, is structured to clearly explain a condition, its diagnosis and appropriate treatments or management strategies. Additionally, the text and illustrations are concise and accurate, with space for notes and questions you may want to discuss with your healthcare providers. Our podcasts and blogs aim to expand knowledge on healthcare topics at your own pace.

This page features portals and content sources that provide access to and detailed descriptions for all our services and products. Discover new outlets of reliable information in health science by exploring the content below.


Your Solutions


The Waiting Room

Whether you are suffering from a certain disease or generally interested in medical research and healthcare, The Waiting Room is a trustworthy resource of medical knowledge.

Embarrassing Problems

There are worrying health problems that are sometimes difficult to talk about. We encourage you to adopt the approach: Tackle it, move on.

Fast Facts Handbook Series

Consulted by healthcare professionals this book serie is structured to clearly explain a condition, its diagnosis and appropriate treatments or management strategies.

Infographic Summary Sheets

Short, concise 2-page infographic summary sheets on a specific topic in medicine.


Benefit from the latest knowledge from our experts and their in-depth assessment of developments in various disciplines.

Children's Book: Frisst ein Krebs die Haar auf?

Discover our children's book that tells the story of the little leukemia patient Ela from the girl's point of view.

E-Learning Courses

Building on the principles and success of the ever-popular Fast Facts handbook series, Karger now offers Fast Facts eLearning courses for clinicians. Test your knowledge and earn CME points with our bite-sized interactive programs.


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