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With around 100 journals, our titles comprise nearly the entire medical spectrum.

Traverse the Entire Medical Spectrum. One Journal at a Time.

With nearly 100 journals in health sciences to explore, there is a high chance you will find a journal that is an exact fit for you. Delivering high-quality content for more than 130 years has not been achieved on our merit alone, but is also in large part due to our expert teams of editors and reviewers, who dedicate so much to our journals. Thanks to their hard work, we have maintained high standards and developed our journals continuously over time, adapting accordingly and keeping up with the latest research findings. In line with our commitment to continuously advance our publications sustainably and responsibly, you can now also peruse our growing number of peer-reviewed Open Access articles in Open Access and hybrid journals.


Connecting and Advancing Health Sciences

Our portfolio of peer-reviewed journals publish the latest developments in health sciences. From promoting Open Science through key article types to sharing updates on selected topics in our Article Collections and Special Issues, edited by experts in the field, we enable researchers and clinicians to communicate and access the latest scientific findings, to advance research in health sciences.


Browse Our Journals

Discover your topic within one of the 100 journals, where over one-third are available as Open Access.

Calls for Papers

Highlight your research and enhance its visibility to your community by submitting to one of our journals.

Publish with Us

Are you looking for the right journal to publish your research? We have got you covered.

Article Collections

Discover the latest in the field in our themed collections of peer-reviewed articles.

Transformative Journals

Discover our Transformative Journals and how they're helping the community fast-track to Open Access.

Advertise in Our Journals

Our advertising solutions will help to make instant and meaningful connections with the right target audience while engaging with content they value.

Partner Publications

Platinum Open Access journals published in partnership with academic research institutions, societies, and other health research organizations.

From Research to Practice

The Kompass journal series helps bridge the gap between research and healthcare practice in subject areas such as dermatology, immunology, nutrition and dietetics, oncology, ophthalmology and pulmonology. Through a process we refer to as knowledge transfer, clinical field specialists write critical reviews of selected original articles, explaining in terms adapted to the local medical setting how the reported study results are relevant to daily medical practice and patient care.


Kompass Journals

The Kompass journal series helps bridge the gap between research and practice in different subject areas.

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