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Hero Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals

Based on scientific findings - creating a gateway between research and medical practice.

Less Searching. More Caring.

Find the latest scientific research in the medical field in a clear, digestible format that allows you to find the answers you need fast and efficiently. These offers are designed to complement your expertise as a health expert by providing extra support where and when you need it.

Get the information you need in the way you want to get it, from academic reviews you can use for research and reference, to podcasts that you can listen to throughout your busy day. For example, our Fast Facts Handbook Series addresses specific concerns on critical topics, while our E-learning courses and podcasts assist you in expanding knowledge in the field at your own pace. No matter what your challenge may be, you can access reliable, up-to-date information.

As healthcare professionals that must prioritize their time carefully, traditional, long-form texts may not be ideal. Conversely, these resources are designed to save you time, including at-a-glance aids such as infographics and bullet points that provide you with important highlights.

"Healthcare professionals know that time is a precious resource. That's why our resources help you save time with at-a-glance aids like infographics and bullet points to provide you with important insights in an easily digestible way."

On this page, you will find portals to all the digital content we offer to healthcare professionals. For more information about our resources, read the more detailed descriptions below.


Your Solutions


Kompass Journals

Renowned clinical specialists in their field writing critical reviews of original articles, providing competent advice that can be used to guide patient care and to keep up to date with the latest medical research.


In the known Fast Facts quality and free of charge via the podcatcher of your choice, our new podcast offering will regularly provide you with engaging content across the healthcare spectrum.


Available as an app and a web version DermaCompass is your practical assistant in Dermatology including support in differential diagnosis and management.

Fast Facts Handbook Series

Addressing knowledge gaps in healthcare the book series facilitates the dialogue between healthcare professionals, patients, and other stakeholders from the healthcare ecosystem.

Infographic Summary Sheets

Short, concise 2-page infographic summary sheets on a specific topic in medicine.

E-Learning Courses

Building on the principles and success of the ever-popular Fast Facts handbook series, Karger offers also Fast Facts e-learning courses for clinicians. Test your knowledge and earn CME points with our bite-sized interactive programs.


Support Your Patients and Their Supporters

We provide reliable and easy to understand medical knowledge for patients and their supporters. Our books explain a condition, it's diagnosis and appropriate treatment or management strategies. The text and illustrations are concise and accurate, with space for notes and questions that might arise while reading. Healthcare professionals recommend our books to their patients.

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