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Supporting you in reaching your communities.

Meet Your Audience Wherever They Are

Need to get scientific content to the right community on the right channel? Bite-size rather than "one-size-fits-all?" These days, an omni-format approach is needed to address the specific needs and preferences of busy healthcare professionals. Unfortunately, possibilities for accessing information are often limited, and to add to the challenge, everyone has their own individual learning patterns. For reasons like these, tapping into an omni-channel strategy paired with an omni-format approach is key to reaching your audience.

Karger provides services to support you and your stakeholders along the cycle of knowledge in health sciences. Our services are adapted and customized according to each customer's needs. We accomplish this by identifying the subjects of interest to your audience, developing methods for bridging the gap in knowledge, and using existing networks, relationships and channels to present the target audience with the right content.

Karger's mission is to stand at the forefront of medical publishing by boosting services for a digital future. We strive to meet the needs of the present and anticipate the needs of the future. Innovation and efficacy are essential components of publishing medical and scientific content for specific audiences.


Extending the Cycle of Knowledge

We set out to provide services covering each and every area in the knowledge cycle in health sciences, which includes both research and its subsequent clinical implementation. Our reach extends to those in the healthcare profession, but also patients and their caregivers.

Cycle of Knowledge Industry Services

Products & Services

Find out how our smart solutions support scientific, clinical and commercial stakeholders in the health sciences. Have a look at how we can help with communicating your research, connecting with your communities, and providing information about your brand, solutions and products.


Connect with Your Communities

Promote your medical, technical and pharmaceutical products, and services – in print and online – and reach out to healthcare professionals and patients: reprints & licenses, translations, advertising, patient pictures, infographics & visuals.

Impart Knowledge to Your Communities

Benefit from a broad offering of interactive formats such as customized e-learnings and tests based on your content with webinars & workshops, courses, videos, animations, podcasts, and more.

Publish Your Content

Publish scientific papers, conference proceedings, and abstracts. Target your content to researchers, healthcare professionals, patients and/or other communities via scientific books, medical handbook series Fast Facts, supplement issues, publishing vouchers.

Sponsor Scientific Content

Sponsor a collection of any Karger publications for key opinion leaders, e.g. for participants at conferences: with sponsored online access, or local editions.

Access Karger Content

Obtain any Karger publication and benefit from attractive conditions: Subscriptions, collections for Health Sciences, bulk purchases, data services.

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