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How can I get online access to a purchased print subscription?

In general, online access is NOT included in any print purchases. Contact our to receive quotes on online upgrades at reduced prices once you/your institution has a standing print subscription.

Why can I only access certain articles or years of a journal?

An annual journal subscription covers all volumes assigned to the respective year of publication. You cannot access volumes outside of the year you subscribed to. You can find detailed information about subscription years and their assigned volumes on the homepage of each journal. If you have any further questions, .

What is the Karger Article Bundle (KAB)?

The Karger Article Bundle (KAB) gives you the opportunity to purchase five articles at a reduced price. With the purchase of the KAB, a credit will be made to your account, which remains valid for the download of five articles of your choice. For further information visit the KAB page.

What happened to my Pay-per-View account?

The Pay-per-View account has been replaced by the Karger Article Bundle (KAB). Any remaining credit you may have will be applied to your future article downloads. For further information visit the KAB page.

How can I get articles at a reduced price?

Karger offers low- and middle-income countries online access to journal content under the WHO's HINARI Access to Research in Health program. According to this program, eligible nations are granted free or very low cost access to research material. Visit the HINARI website for full information on registration and access to content.

How can I order a single article, older articles or a PDF by e-mail?

Information on availability, prices of single print issues and print or electronic back volumes can be obtained from our .

I would like a trial subscription. How can I get it?

You will find the terms and conditions and contacts in case you wish to enroll in a trial subscription on our Terms & Conditions page.

How can I change my address, user ID or password?

To change your address, user ID or password registered in our system, log in into your MyKarger account or contact our who will assist.

Where can I submit link resolver images?

If you would like to implement a link resolver image .

Where can I submit advertisements to be placed on the Karger website or in one of my publications?

You will find all the necessary information on our Advertising page.

How do I get permission to use material published by Karger?

Visit our Rights & Permissions page for further information.

Can I get medical advice or a referral?

Karger Publishers is a biomedical publishing house providing medical doctors and researchers with specialty books and journals. Please understand that for legal and ethical reasons we cannot dispense medical advice, conduct medical research, or refer patients to practitioners, clinicians, or researchers.

Does Karger support text & data mining?

Yes. If you wish to use text and data mining to learn more.