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Karger Publishers is organized in an open, high-flow circle system, which intends to ensure that each employee is given the trust to own responsibilities, the opportunity to gain visibility, and the incentive to foster collaboration. Read more about our circles

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Karger Circles

Academic & Research Circle

The Academic & Research Circle manages the publishing business for academic and research markets. The team builds strong customer relationships with individual researchers, librarians, academic institutions, societies and funders. It creates and maintains a leading journals and books portfolio. The team aims to continually optimize customer experiences and enrich Karger’s value in the community with new products and services.

Healthcare Circle

The Healthcare Circle serves Karger’s customers and stakeholders in the field of healthcare. This includes doctors, patients, and industry representatives. The circle does this by creating high-quality medical handbooks, e-learning, and digital assets (such as podcasts and animations), and by ensuring effective dissemination of these materials.

Experience Circle

The Experience Circle ensures and enhances a consistent Karger customer experience and promotes customer centricity, removing friction across touchpoints along the customer journeys. A seamless customer experience leads to loyal institutional and industry customers as well as returning authors. Enthusiastic customers talk about their positive experiences online and peer to peer. Creating a comprehensive customer experience that exceeds customer expectations is critical for the growth of the business. The circle takes up all topics related to customer experience, including but not limited to sales, marketing, branding, customer service, customer relationship management (CRM), personalization, and data quality.

Power Organization Circle

The Power Organization Circle supports the group as a centralized hub with robust Human Resources, Finance, Insights, Legal, Digital Landscape, and Building & Administration services. The circle harnesses collective expertise, fosters cross-functional collaboration, and implements impactful decisions that align with the company's long-term vision and goals. It aims to create a working environment which is functional, pleasant, and motivating for everyone.

Management Board Circle

The members of the Management Board assume their editorial responsibility and their duty to take charge of all the activities of the company in line with the applicable law and internal policies, including supervision and control on a day-to-day basis.

Strategy, Innovation & Change Circle

The Strategy, Innovation and Change Circle aims to drive organizational success by strategically deciding the path forward, fostering collaboration to contribute diverse perspectives, applying plans effectively, and ensuring smooth implementation of innovations and strategies. The circle combines innovative thinking with practical execution, in order to achieve sustainable growth and adaptability in today's dynamic business landscape and supports and cultivates an agile mind-set and teamwork across all units at Karger.

Our Benefits

We are a family owned company in the 4th generation and value the personal space and family commitments of our employees.

  • We offer a very generous remote work policy that comes along with an outstanding IT infrastructure
  • Our working hours comprise 40 hours per week at full-time
  • We offer flexible working hours
  • We offer space for personal development and welcome new ideas and initiatives
  • We give you the opportunity to take over responsibility and develop professionally (e.g. collaboration in a circle system, LinkedIn Learning)
  • We offer a centrally located, modern office space in Basel that contributes to innovation and collaboration
  • For long-term employees, we offer additional social benefits, which go beyond the average market offerings

How to Find Us

Our offices are located at Allschwilerstrasse 10, just off the Brausebad intersection in the direction of the village of Allschwil.



Contact Us

If you have any questions, just get in touch:

+41 61 306 11 11

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