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Find all the neccessary information about our publishing processes.

Take Off with Your Paper

Starting your publishing journey can be daunting. There are so many questions: What journal should I choose? What do I need to consider? How does it work? We are here to help you to get started and lead you through the whole process.

From submission all the way to the dissemination of your article, our teams of experienced product managers, production editors and editorial staff will use their expertise to guide you through the entire process. On this page, you will find quick links to what you need to publish your paper, background information about our peer review process, and what publication services we offer. Once you have selected a journal, you can find more detailed information, queries on specific topics and contact details on each journal's homepage.


Relevant Information


Calls for Papers

Highlight your research and enhance its visibility to your field and community by submitting to one of our journals.

Publish Your Paper

Find all information on how to submit and publish your paper. We are driven to maintain the highest standards of quality, flexibility and personalized service.

Publish Open Access

Open Access allows everyone, everywhere to read articles, which provides benefits for all communities - including the potential for increased citations and recognition of authors' work.

Researcher Engagement & Recognition

We appreciate the work of all contributing experts in the process of submitting, reviewing, publishing, and promoting a paper.


With more than 100 journals our portfolio encompass almost the entire medical spectrum - find the best one for your results.

Peer Review Process

What happens after submitting a paper? How does the peer review process work? Get your answers.

Publication Ethics

Covering a broad range of subjects like authorship, ethical approval for the study, conflicts of interest, availability of data or peer review publication ethics and research integrity help to ensure the accuracy and trustworthiness of an article.


Supporting Services


Publication Services

Editing services, proof reading or research outreach have a look at our pre- and post-publication services for authors.

Promote Your Work

Get your publication seen by your target readership, maximize the impact and visibility of your publication and learn how to promote your article on social media channels.

Campus Courses

Do you need some support when it comes to actually write an article? Have a look at our e-learning courses that explain everything very precisely.


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