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From stomach to skin, from blood to liver – oncology at Karger adopts an interdisciplinary approach and covers all aspects of cancer with a host of journals and with a strong focus on clinical research.

The main objective of the journal Oncology is to advance the translation of experimental results to and from the clinic, with a special section of rapid peer reviews and short reports of clinical cancer trials. The journal Oncology Research and Treatment, on the other hand, keeps both clinicians and researchers up to date with emphasis on interesting case reports whereas other journals such as Liver Cancer, Gastrointestinal Tumors, and Ocular Oncology and Pathology focus on specific conditions.

The book series Progress in Tumor Research aims to provide in-depth information about important developments in cancer research. The individual volumes within the series cover controversial topics and the latest developments in oncology.

All researchers interested in the field, especially surgeons and clinicians, will find up-to-date articles on oncology throughout the entire Karger portfolio.

Book Series

Progress in Tumor Research


Kompass Onkologie
Case Reports in Oncology
Breast Care
Oncology Research and Treatment

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David A. Collet; Julia Canestraro; Ghassan K. Abou-Alfa; David H. Abramson; Eli L. Diamond; Jasmine H. Francis
Ysé Borella; Livia Lumbroso-Le Rouic; Christine Levy; Sophie Gardrat; Jerzy Klijanienko; Denis Malaise; Rémi Dendale; Nathalie Cassoux; Alexandre Matet
Kenny Y. Wang; Timothy T. Xu; Launia J. White; Lauren A. Dalvin
Khanh Bui; Maurizio Tomaiuolo; Kaylene Carter; Codrin Iacob; Vamsee Neerukonda; Anna Stagner; Zaynab Sajjadi; Katherine V. Escobar; Paula Ordoñez Armijos; Ralph C. Eagle; Sonia Mehta; James P. Dunn; Leslie Hyman; Tatyana Milman; on behalf of the IRIS
Raquel Benavides; Ricardo Mejías; Alejandro Blanco; Luis Bermudez-Guzman
Frances Wu; Anne Marie Lane; Alexei Trofimov; Helen A. Shih; Evangelos S. Gragoudas; Ivana K. Kim
Vidhyadevi Ramasamy; Shiguru Saudhamini; Sakthisankari Shanmugasundaram; Athira Manayil
Sarah Joseph; Sarah Pike; Chen-Ching Peng; Brianne Brown; Liya Xu; Jesse L. Berry; Patricia Chévez-Barrios; G. Baker Hubbard; Hans E. Grossniklaus
Zackery Oakey; Yağmur Seda Yeşiltaş; Arun D. Singh
Matthew Gillam; Glenn Ace Fenech; Oliver Chadwick; Jonathan Nairn; Vikas Chadha; Julie Connolly; Oliver Cram; Wilma Kincaid; Paul Cauchi
Joseph M. Grimes; Henry Zhou; Alexis K. Dal Col; Alexandra Gershkovich; Dmitry Bogomolny; Brian P. Marr
Jasmine H. Francis; William Foulsham; Julia Canestraro; James J. Harding; Eli L. Diamond; David H. Abramson; Alexander Drilon
Angela J Oh; Ben J Glasgow
Komal Bakal; Vishal R Raval; Sai Krishna Gattu; Vijay Anand Reddy Palkonda; Swathi Kaliki
Jared Ching; Lamis AlHarby; Mandeep S. Sagoo; Bertil Damato
James J. Augsburger; Cassandra C. Skinner; Zelia M. Correa
Robert W. Cook; Katherina M. Alsina
Kushal U. Agrawal; Nicholas E. Kalafatis; Konica Singla; Sara E. Lally; Carol L. Shields
Janani Singaravelu; Alexander Melendez-Moreno; Jacquelyn Wrenn; Arun D. Singh
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