Introduction: Intraocular localization of conjunctival squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is due to scleral or corneal invasion. Herein, we describe the clinical and histopathological findings in four cases of SCC complicated by intraocular invasion, and we review cases reported in the literature and their management. We retrospectively collected and analyzed clinical characteristics, histopathology, management, and follow-up data from 4 patients with conjunctival SCC complicated by intraocular invasion. We reviewed the literature and summarized cases of intraocular invasion by conjunctival SCC reported over the last 30 years. Case Presentations: Two patients presented with intraocular invasion by conjunctival SCC at diagnosis. The two others developed intraocular invasion as recurrence of conjunctival SCC, previously treated with excisional biopsy and adjuvant radiotherapy. All 4 cases had a previous history of conjunctival surgery, but no history of intraocular surgery. Three patients were managed with modified enucleation, including one that required adjuvant orbital radiotherapy. One patient required orbital exenteration. Histopathology analysis showed a well-differentiated conjunctival SCC in all cases. None developed distant localization after at least 2.5-year follow-up. Discussion/Conclusion: Intraocular invasion is a rare complication of conjunctival SCC. Appropriate treatment in a tertiary center and long-term follow-up are highly recommended.

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