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International Journal of Experimental and Clinical Research in Biological Psychiatry, Pharmacopsychiatry, Biological Psychology/Pharmacopsychology and Pharmacoelectroencephalography

Editor: Reininghaus, Eva (Graz)

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The Translational Approach to Behavior and Mental Disorders

The biological approach to mental disorders continues to yield innovative findings of clinical importance, particularly if methodologies are combined. This journal collects high-quality empirical studies from various experimental and clinical approaches in the fields of biological psychiatry, biological psychology, and neuropsychology. It features original, clinical, and basic research in the fields of neurophysiology and functional imaging, neuropharmacology and neurochemistry, neuroendocrinology and neuroimmunology, genetics, and their relationships with normal psychology and psychopathology. In addition, coverage includes studies on animal models of mental disorders and therapeutic interventions, and pharmacoelectroencephalographic studies, as well as reviews on new methodological approaches.

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