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Neuroendocrinology (1994) 60 (1): 1–7.
Published Online: 09 April 2008
... ACTH response to CRF administration was observed. In another experiment, control and chronic IMO rats were adrenalectomized (ADX) or sham-adrenalectomized (SHAM) and 2 days later killed in resting conditions or after having been subjected to acute IMO or tail-shock for 30 min. Chronic IMO increased...
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Neuroendocrinology (1988) 47 (3): 263–267.
Published Online: 02 April 2008
...Antonio Armario; Juan Hidalgo; Merce Giralt The effects of previous chronic immobilization stress on the physiological responses of male rats to a novel chronic stressor (shock) were studied. Previous chronic exposure to immobilization reduced adrenocorticotropin (ACTH) and lactate responses...
Journal Articles
Neuroendocrinology (1971) 8 (2): 136–143.
Published Online: 19 March 2008
...L.J. Grota Plasma testosterone concentrations in unmanipulated animals gradually increased with age reaching a maximum (11.4 ng/2 ml) at 60 days of age followed by a decrement to a plateau of 3.7 ng/ 2 ml at 90 days of age. Handling or shocking animals, either reweaning or postweaning, had...