Therapeutic angiogenesis is a new revascularization strategy involving the administration of growth factors to induce new vessel formation. The biology and delivery of angiogenic growth factors involved in vessel formation have been extensively studied but success in translating the angiogenic capacity of growth factors into benefits for vascular disease patients is still limited. This could be attributed to issues related to patient selection, growth factor delivery methods or lack of vessel maturation. Comprehensive understanding of the cellular and molecular cross-talk during the different stages of vascular development is needed for the design of efficient therapeutic strategies. The presentation of angiogenic factors either in series or in parallel using a strategy that mimics physiological events, such as concentration and spatio-temporal profiles, is an immediate requirement for functional blood vessel formation. This review provides an overview of the recent delivery strategies of angiogenic factors and discusses targeting neovascular maturation as a promising approach to induce stable and functional vessels for therapeutic angiogenesis.

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