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J Innate Immun (2024) 16 (1): 188–202.
Published Online: 05 March 2024
... evidence suggests a connection between drug resistance and immune dysregulation. Summary: As a ubiquitously distributed, versatile innate immune cell, macrophages play essential roles in maintaining tissue homeostasis in a steady state. Nevertheless, it is becoming aware that macrophages undermine...
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Journal Articles
J Innate Immun (2020) 12 (3): 226–234.
Published Online: 22 July 2019
... or of their effectiveness, quality or safety. The publisher and the editor(s) disclaim responsibility for any injury to persons or property resulting from any ideas, methods, instructions or products referred to in the content or advertisements. Table 1. Demographic data Colitis Intestine Immunity...
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J Innate Immun (2018) 10 (5-6): 487–501.
Published Online: 13 February 2018
..., the pulmonary immune system also has to cope with harmful microbial or sterile threats and react rapidly to protect the host at this intimate barrier zone. The airways are endowed with a broad armamentarium of cellular and humoral host defense mechanisms, most of which belong to the innate arm of the immune...
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J Innate Immun (2017) 9 (2): 193–202.
Published Online: 17 December 2016
..., B, and/or natural killer (NK) cells. Animal models of SCID have great value for biomedical research. Here, we evaluated the pathogenesis and the innate immune response to the 2009 H1N1 pandemic IAV (H1N1pdm09) using a recently identified line of naturally occurring SCID pigs deficient in T and B...
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J Innate Immun (2016) 8 (5): 507–516.
Published Online: 30 June 2016
...- and long-term mortality. A high baseline Ficolin-2 level indicated a 94% chance of surviving the first 28 days after admission. marcobhansen@gmail.com 13 04 2016 1 06 2016 30 6 2016 Sepsis Mortality Bacterial infection Immunity © 2016 S. Karger AG, Basel 2016...
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J Innate Immun (2015) 7 (2): 116–126.
Published Online: 19 February 2015
... than 20 years under the guise of different monikers, these particular populations of myeloid cells gained more attention recently due to their immunosuppressive properties, which halt host immune responses to growing cancers or overwhelming infections. While MDSCs may contribute to immune homeostasis...
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Journal Articles
J Innate Immun (2010) 2 (5): 446–460.
Published Online: 05 July 2010
... and cortisol. AVPR2 stimulation increases retention of water by increasing cyclic AMP. Yet, vasopressin infusion may increase urine output, creatinine clearance and improve renal function in septic shock. Vasopressin has many effects on immune function such as altering cytokines, neuroimmunity, prostaglandins...
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J Innate Immun (2009) 1 (5): 405–412.
Published Online: 25 June 2009
...Kristin M. Rogers; Mark Heise Arthropod-borne viruses (arboviruses) are a significant cause of human and animal disease worldwide. Multiple interactions between virus and the host innate immune system ultimately determine the pathogenesis and clinical outcome of the infection. Evidence is rapidly...
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J Innate Immun (2009) 1 (3): 225–230.
Published Online: 20 February 2009
...Sonja Oehmcke; Matthias Mörgelin; Heiko Herwald Pattern recognition is an integral part of the innate immune system. The human contact system has been shown to interact with the surface of many bacterial and fungal pathogens, and once activated leads to the generation of antimicrobial peptides...