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Immune System

Editors: Larenas-Linnemann, D.E. (Mexico City, Mexico)
Ginhoux, F. (Singapore, Singapore)

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Immune System features Open Access-based original research and reviews reporting on translational and clinical studies encompassing all fields of immunology with the intention of bridging clinical research with preclinical and translational investigations. The journal emphasizes evidence-based clinical and laboratory research with statistically valid results that clearly help advancing our knowledge in the field. It specifically welcomes intra- and interdisciplinary research on Environmental Immunology, Immunomics, Immunotherapy, including but not restricted to immune aspects of allergies, respiratory tract, skin, autoimmune and neurodegenerative disorders. It encompasses original randomized controlled trials as well as real-world evidence studies, systematic reviews, well-elaborated clinical cases and case-series. The transfer of information from fundamental research to clinical research and clinical practice is particularly welcome. Contributions and ideas from large segments of the scientific community are welcome to make Immune System a viable, much-needed, and up-and-coming forum for current basic and applied immunological research.

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Prof. Florent Ginhoux

Prof. Florent Ginhoux, a distinguished Principal Investigator at Singapore Immunology Network (SIgN), specializes in immunology and stem cell biology. His research focuses on immune cell development, particularly dendritic cells, and their roles in disease and immunity. Renowned for innovative approaches, Prof Ginhoux's contributions to the field are significant.

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Dr. Larenas-Linnemann

Dr. Larenas-Linnemann is a renowned expert in allergy, with a focus on asthma, immunotherapy, allergic rhinitis, and urticaria. She holds a cum laude MD degree from the University of Utrecht and became a Pediatrician and Pediatric Allergist at the National Institute of Pediatrics in Mexico City. Since 2001, she runs a private practice and established a pro bono Allergy clinic in Pueblo Quieto. In 2017, she became Director of the Center of Excellence in Asthma and Allergy at Hospital Médica Sur, Mexico City.

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