Monotherapy of oral hypoglycemics in chronic diabetes rarely maintain the optimum glycemic control and is considered the major cause for late onset complications. In this study combination of rosiglitazone (Rosi-0.2 mg/kg) with metformin (Met- 50 mg/kg) or glimepiride (Gmp – 0.2 mg/kg) orally once daily for 4 weeks was tested against type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) induced by nicotinamide (NA-230 mg/kg, i.p) and streptozotocin (STZ-65 mg/kg, i.p) in male Wistar rats. Results indicated that experimental T2DM significantly (P<0.001) increased micronucleated erythrocytes, sperm shape abnormality and decreased the P/N (polychromatic: normochromatic erythrocytes) ratio, sperm count and weight of testis along with an increase in the oxidative stress and blood glucose level compared to normal animals. Administration of Rosi+Met significantly (P<0.05) reduced the population of micronucleated erythrocytes, sperm shape abnormality, hyperglycemia besides improving the sperm count and antioxidant defense system in the diabetic rats. However, Rosi+Gmp activity was restricted to only the antidiabetic effect. The observations suggest that Rosi+Met reduced the somatic and germinal cell damages in the diabetic animals owing to the antioxidant property.

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