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Journal Articles
Int Arch Allergy Immunol (2016) 168 (4): 269–276.
Published Online: 20 February 2016
... to in the content or advertisements. Adjuvant-free mouse model Immediate hypersensitivity Food allergen Shellfish allergy Systemic anaphylaxis Allergic and anaphylactic responses to food proteins are the leading cause of near-fatal/fatal hypersensitivity reactions [ 1 ]. Of the major allergenic...
Journal Articles
Int Arch Allergy Immunol (2008) 147 (4): 289–298.
Published Online: 11 July 2008
...Ursula Smole; Merima Bublin; Christian Radauer; Christof Ebner; Heimo Breiteneder Background: The stability of food allergens to proteolysis and thermal denaturation contributes considerably to their allergenicity. Methods: Mal d 2, an allergenic thaumatin-like protein (TLP) from apple...
Journal Articles