Background and Objective: Ghrelin is a novel gastric peptide which stimulates GH secretion and has been demonstrated to have orexigenic and adipogenic properties. Insulin is a physiological and dynamic modulator of plasma ghrelin, and insulinemia possibly mediates the effect of the nutritional state on the plasma concentrations of ghrelin in adults. No data on the regulation of GH secretion by ghrelin have so far been reported, nor has the possible influence of hypoglycemia on the plasma ghrelin levels in children been reported. Methods: Provocative studies were performed using a variety of stimuli, including insulin-induced hypoglycemia, and glucagon, arginine and L-dopa loading. We studied a group of 27 children with short stature being investigated for GH deficiency (10 F, 17 M; age 4–14 years; height SDS –0.92 to –3.27); the subjects were instructed to fast overnight, and the following morning, the relationships among the plasma ghrelin, GH and glucose levels were investigated by determining the plasma ghrelin profiles during those provocative tests. Using a new method for determining the two types of ghrelin, samples were obtained for determination of the plasma ghrelin, serum glucose and serum GH levels after the administration of the aforementioned stimulating agents. Results: All the four stimuli caused a significant decrease in the circulating C- and N-ghrelin levels with a nadir at +30 min, with the exception of the N-ghrelin level following the L-dopa loading. During the same period, the plasma GH level increased following insulin, arginine and L-dopa loading, and the plasma glucose level increased significantly following glucagon loading. In the arginine and L-dopa load connected, a significant correlation was observed between the 30-min change in the serum GH level and the 30-min change in the plasma C-ghrelin level. In the multiple regression analysis to explain the 30-min change in the plasma level of C-ghrelin, the baseline plasma level of C-ghrelin (basal), height and % overweight were the only three significant parameters, accounting for 85.2% of the variance. Conclusion: This study demonstrated that the inverse relation between the circulating GH and ghrelin levels may indicate the existence of a feedback loop, and also lends support to the assumption of a GH-independent relationship between plasma ghrelin and glucose levels. These observations constitute further evidence to suggest that peripheral ghrelin is a direct growth-promoting hormone.

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