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Human Development (2016) 59 (2-3): 107–127.
Published Online: 28 September 2016
.... Development Civics Cultural-historical theory Values Ethics Every year in the USA, South Africa, and Northern Ireland, critical moments surface that show the depth of the divisions within these three societies where we have been studying how young people develop as civic actors. The following...
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Human Development (1996) 39 (2): 83–99.
Published Online: 20 January 2010
...Orlando Lourenço Recent narrative, contextual, and postmodern approaches to the study of moral development are examined relative to Kohlberg’s justice-based theory of moral development. The comparison proceeds along five dimensions – values relevance, legitimacy, universality, rationality...
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Human Development (1992) 35 (5): 286–301.
Published Online: 15 January 2010
... of conceptualizing the relationship between Erikson’s conception of identity formation and Kohlberg’s conception of moral reasoning is presented. In contrast to a purely structural perspective, this alternative view – the value consistency thesis – predicts associations between the two developmental theories...
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Human Development (1990) 33 (2-3): 81–107.
Published Online: 08 January 2010
... strongly emphasized in sociological accounts but relatively neglected in psychological accounts. One is the acquisition of values about knowledge and skill (e.g., ideas about important skills, trivial knowledge, elegant solutions, or proper ways to learn particular subjects). The other is the need...
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Human Development (1986) 29 (4): 181–194.
Published Online: 24 December 2009
.... Like Habermas’s theory of communicative action, Piaget’s theory implies that communicative exchanges involve interpersonal values as well as a propositional content. It is argued that this theory of social exchange may provide a structural model for many aspects of social-cognitive development. 24...
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Human Development (1985) 28 (1): 10–24.
Published Online: 23 December 2009
.... Activity Dialectics Materialism Ontogeny Personality development Self-concept Sociocultural factors Values Hum. Dev. 28: 10-24 (1985) © 1985 S. Karger AG, Basel 0 0 18-716 X /85/0281 -0 0 10S2.75/0 Propositions to a Marxist Theory of Personality R obert Smith Key Words. Activity Dialectics...
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Human Development (1978) 21 (3): 170–189.
Published Online: 18 December 2009
... differences in beliefs and values, are suggested: the mythicomagical and the empiricoscientific. While the cognitive skills involved in Piagetian conservation are derived from an empiricoscientific mode, they may undergo negative reinforcement in cognitive domains characterized by the mythicomagical mode...
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Human Development (1971) 14 (1): 71–80.
Published Online: 18 December 2009
...John P. McKinney One dimension in the development of the valuing process is the direction of moral emphasis; that is, whether one stresses behaviors which have been stated prescriptively or proscriptively. Prescriptively, one can be rewarded for doing right or punished for not doing right while...
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Human Development (2001) 44 (2-3): 160–165.
Published Online: 18 May 2001
... to persons or property resulting from any ideas, methods, instructions or products referred to in the content or advertisements. Audiences Changing models Cognition Contexts Situations Values Commentary Human Development 2001;44:160 165 Directions of Change: Sociocultural Approaches...
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Human Development (1998) 41 (5-6): 321–322.
Published Online: 04 December 1998
... or property resulting from any ideas, methods, instructions or products referred to in the content or advertisements. Independence Interdependence Kinship Responsibility Values Commentary Human Development 1998;41:321 322 The Meaning of Independence and Responsibility Beatrice Blyth Whiting West...