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Keywords: Heritability
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Human Development (2022) 66 (1): 48–65.
Published Online: 12 January 2022
... in determining that IQ scores are influenced by heredity. After bypassing the model-fitting technique they used in most non-IQ MISTRA studies, the researchers assumed that the MZA group IQ score correlation alone “directly estimates heritability.” This method was based on unsupported assumptions...
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Human Development (1992) 35 (1): 12–33.
Published Online: 15 January 2010
... (a) interspecies comparisons and the concept of homology; (b) estimates of the heritability of human behaviors, and (c) the view that the evolution of human behavior invariably involves adaptation. Logical and empirical problems can be identified with each line of work. As a consequence, extant sociobiological...
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Human Development (2007) 49 (6): 347–353.
Published Online: 18 January 2007
...David S. Moore Commentary Human Development 2006;49:347 353 DOI: 10.1159/000096534 A Very Little Bit of Knowledge: Re-Evaluating the Meaning of the Heritability of IQ David S. Moore Pitzer College & Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, Calif., USA Key Words Adoption Heritability IQ...
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Human Development (2000) 43 (1): 46–50.
Published Online: 16 March 2000
...Douglas Wahlsten Commentary Human Development 2000;43:46 50 Analysis of Variance in the Service of Interactionism Douglas Wahlsten Department of Psychology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alta., Canada Key Words Behavior genetics W Effect size W Heritability W Multiplicative model W Sample size...