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Keywords: Developmental systems
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Human Development (2023) 67 (5-6): 305–317.
Published Online: 15 September 2023
... from developmental processes involving co-acting genetic factors, environmental factors, molecular epigenetic factors, and other non-genetic factors within organisms’ bodies. This insight forces a rethinking of biological inheritance. Perspectives focusing on the dynamics of developmental systems offer...
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Human Development (2021) 65 (2): 100–112.
Published Online: 15 March 2021
..., instructions or products referred to in the content or advertisements. Developmental psychology Developmental systems Moral development Purpose in life Relational developmental systems Despite its richness, research focusing on purpose content has only rarely investigated how different kinds...
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Human Development (2017) 60 (2-3): 69–80.
Published Online: 13 September 2017
... underlying phenotype development, thereby fostering clearer conceptions of how phenotypes emerge from interactions between biological and nonbiological components of developing systems. The developmental systems perspective, which acknowledges the vital roles of contexts in development, offers benefits...
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Journal Articles
Human Development (1995) 38 (3): 131–141.
Published Online: 20 January 2010
... impugns the population approach to developmental behavior-genetic analysis and offers a basis for the practice of a truly developmental behavior genetics. To that end, a multilevel, bidirectional, developmental systems model is presented as a way of proceeding analytically from genetic activity...
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Human Development (2000) 43 (6): 321–326.
Published Online: 27 November 2000
... responsibility for any injury to persons or property resulting from any ideas, methods, instructions or products referred to in the content or advertisements. Attachment Developmental systems Sensitivity Commentary Human Development 2000;43:321 326 Attachment Theory and Systems Concepts1 L. Alan...
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Human Development (1999) 42 (4): 213–216.
Published Online: 20 August 1999
...Alan Fogel Bifurcation Biological rhythms Butterfly effect Developmental systems Dynamic systems Feedback Transition Commentary Human Development 1999;42:213 216 Systems, Cycles, and Developmental Pathways Alan Fogel University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Key Words Bifurcation W...