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Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Human Development 1–16.
Published Online: 20 September 2023
.... As mentioned above, in addition to genes and cytoplasmic proteins, the environmental context plays significant roles in normal development (Gawne et al., 2018; Moore & Lickliter, 2023; Pfennig, 2021; Sultan, 2021). Developmental plasticity is the ability of an embryonic or juvenile organism to react...
Journal Articles
Human Development 1–13.
Published Online: 15 September 2023
... of DNA. This view effectively wrote development out of evolutionary biology. However, many molecular and developmental biologists now understand that phenotypes – anatomical, physiological, and behavioral traits – are not determined by genes (i.e., DNA segments) alone; instead, they emerge epigenetically...
Journal Articles
Human Development (2022) 66 (4-5): 329–342.
Published Online: 20 December 2022
... inequalities and human rights provides information about the developmental origins of attitudes that inhibit or promote healthy development, as well as serve as the basis for policy initiatives and changes at the societal level. Explanations based on individual sources of inequality are often used...
Journal Articles
Human Development (2022) 66 (3): 192–215.
Published Online: 30 August 2022
... to in the content or advertisements. 2022 Emotional availability Child Development Prevention Intervention Emotional availability (EA) in caregiver-child relationships has been conceptualized and empirically studied in the developmental/clinical literature (Biringen et al., 2014). It has been...
Journal Articles
Human Development (2022) 66 (3): 167–187.
Published Online: 30 August 2022
... delay-of-gratification and conflict inhibition tasks, and early inhibitory control abilities are predictive of developmental outcomes extending into adulthood (Carlson, 2005; Diamond, 2013; Joyce et al., 2016). Working memory abilities also appear early in development and by toddlerhood, most children...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Human Development (2021) 65 (5-6): 257–269.
Published Online: 17 September 2021
... to be better understood from a psychological and developmental perspective. Four areas that reflect theoretical changes in human development research are featured in this issue: (a) socialization theories about race; (b) ethnic/racial identity and development; (c) developmental social identity and moral...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Human Development (2020) 64 (4-6): 207–221.
Published Online: 12 February 2021
... dynamic is, however, always specific to the culture, and this is why Jensen (2003) argues that cultural identity formation in globalization takes specific developmental pathways and is largely dependent on the various intersections of the global flows and local culture norms. The narratives of Indian...
Journal Articles
Human Development (2020) 64 (4-6): 250–257.
Published Online: 21 January 2021
..., and development will increase. Very few research articles have explicitly addressed globalization and development, though Super (2005) made the case for globalizing developmental psychology: greater representation of diverse scientists and diverse experiences of the world’s children should lead to better science...
Journal Articles
Human Development (2020) 64 (4-6): 167–171.
Published Online: 20 January 2021
... this special issue is not about the pandemic, acknowledging its potential impact and thinking about the spread and solutions to it provides examples of global, cultural, and developmental phenomena that are the topic of the articles in this special issue, namely pathways of development and their outcomes...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Human Development (2020) 64 (3): 108–118.
Published Online: 02 November 2020
... in emotion understanding, the principal issue addressed in the current review. A more thorough understanding of the developmental underpinnings of this skill may allow for better prediction of emotion understanding, and for interventions to improve emotion understanding early in development. Here, we present...
Journal Articles
Human Development (2019) 63 (3-4): 153–179.
Published Online: 27 November 2019
..., dynamics , development , causality and process , which are very hard to define without running into circles or tautologies. Their meaning is basically a question of how they are used, in this particular case by the community of developmental researchers, which is in itself a very complex issue...
Journal Articles
Human Development (2019) 62 (1-2): 40–65.
Published Online: 19 March 2019
... design interventions were providing connective tissue for these young learners to expand their developmental trajectories. The classes during the school day ensured that all students developed a base set of literacies and proficiency, while the afterschool opportunities allowed choice and depth of study...
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Human Development (2019) 62 (1-2): 14–39.
Published Online: 26 February 2019
... interconnected meanings of technology, we turn to the question of development. First, we juxtapose two seemingly contradictory claims by Piaget that lead us to a classic developmental question: in what way is the postnatal environment fundamentally different from that of the intrauterine environment, and how...
Journal Articles
Human Development (2018) 61 (4-5): 248–263.
Published Online: 27 September 2018
... and chimpanzees. Cognitive Development, 27, 136–153. doi: 10.1016/j.cogdev.2012.02.003 6. Geraci, A., & Surian, L. (2011). The developmental roots of fairness: Infants’ reactions to equal and unequal distributions of resources. Developmental Science, 14, 1012–1020. doi: 10.1111/j.1467-7687. 2011.01048...
Journal Articles
Human Development (2017) 60 (5): 203–232.
Published Online: 06 December 2017
..., 1982], and by which her/his potential for autonomy grows [Garz & Raven, 2015]. I would like to make two further notes on the characteristics of the developmental process, which is embedded by socializing relations. Both Oevermann and Kegan regard the socialization and development process as one...
Journal Articles
Human Development (2016) 59 (4): 163–187.
Published Online: 04 January 2017
... to be a profound gap in the field of developmental psychology - the role of context in development. He argued that, because contexts differ, it may be inappropriate to apply findings obtained in relatively controlled settings (e.g., laboratories or clinics) to other more complex settings (e.g., classrooms...