In the article “A Reevaluation of the 1990 ‘Minnesota Study of Twins Reared Apart’ IQ Study” [Human Development 2022;65:48–65, DOI: 10.1159/000521922] by the author Joseph J., some headlines are incorrectly given.

The correct headlines should read as follows:

  • p. 52, left column, second headline: The Science IQ Study Abstract

  • p. 58, right column, second headline: The 1990 Science Article

  • Table 3, right column: References

Furthermore, blank lines are missing on p. 58 before the paragraph “The above statement is not an “implication” of the researchers’ findings; rather, it is an assumption upon which they based their findings.” and on p. 61 before the paragraph “1. As seen in Figure 1, they decided to omit and bypass their step 2 DZA control group IQ score correlations and to base their conclusions on the unsupported step 3B assumption that heritability “can be directly estimated from the MZA correlation” alone (Bouchard et al., 1990a, p. 224).”