From July 2023 Prof. Susan Rivera, from the University of Maryland, passed the role of Editor-in-Chief of Human Development to Prof. David C. Witherington, from the University of New Mexico.

During the past four years, Prof. Rivera has worked towards strengthening the relationship between the journal and the Jean Piaget Society, maintaining a highly engaged Editorial Board, and positioning the journal among the top of its field. She was simultaneously concerned with ensuring that the authors’ experience was smooth and friendly, and with ensuring representative scientific content for readers, having dedicated time to lead a special issue on the topic of neurodivergence, entitled ‘Considering Human Development through the Lens of Neurodiversity: The Case of Autism’ (vol. 66, issue 2). On behalf of all Karger, we want to express our thanks to Prof. Rivera for her dedication and hard work, and are happy that she will remain as a Board Member to continue to contribute to the future direction of the journal.

We also want to welcome Prof. Witherington as the new Editor-in-Chief. As past President of the Jean Piaget Society, he will continue to ensure a strong collaboration between journal and society. In addition, Prof. Witherington’s conceptual work is focused on the metatheoretical foundations of developmental science and on delineating, elucidating, and resolving conceptual confusions in the discipline. So, we are confident that he will ensure a strong commitment to the journal’s focus on theoretical and metatheoretical contributions to the study of psychological development. We look forward to a close collaboration with Prof. Witherington for the coming years of the Human Development journal.

Gabriella Karger, Chairwoman and Publisher

Daniel Ebneter, CEO