Background/Aims: To analyze whether the presence of endometriosis per se is associated with inferior pregnancy rates in women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF). Methods: Between July 2005 and November 2012, a total of 485 patients with endometriosis under the age of 38 years undergoing their first IVF attempt at our center were included; 72 patients had minimal-mild disease and the remaining 413 patients had moderate-severe disease. 131 patients with laparoscopically confirmed tubal factor infertility not harboring endometriosis and hydrosalpinx under the age of 38 years undergoing their first IVF attempt at our center served as the control group. Results: The bilateral antral follicle count and controlled ovarian hyperstimulation response were diminished in the moderate-severe group. However, the implantation, clinical pregnancy, miscarriage and live birth rates were comparable among the three groups. The recurrence of endometrioma following pre-IVF cystectomy was not associated with inferior pregnancy rates. Female age, bilateral antral follicle count and number of embryos transferred were noted to be significant independent predictors of live birth. Conclusion: We conclude that neither the presence nor the extent of endometriosis have any detrimental effect on IVF pregnancy rates.

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