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Online First / Early View

Online first articles are accepted and edited, peer reviewed articles that are not yet assigned to volumes/issues, but are citable using DOI.

Online First

Research Articles November 10 2023
Sitagliptin Extends Lifespan of Caenorhabditis elegans by Inhibiting Insulin/Insulin-Like Signaling and Activating Dietary Restriction-Like Signaling Pathways
Research Articles November 10 2023
Dose-Response Relationship between C-Reactive Protein/Albumin Ratio and In-Hospital Mortality in Elderly Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke
Research Articles November 3 2023
The Potential Predicting Value of D-Dimer to Fibrinogen Ratio on Functional Outcome at 1 Year after Acute Ischemic Stroke: A Longitudinal Study
Research Articles October 30 2023
Synergistic Impact of Visual and Cognitive Impairments on Health-Related Quality of Life in a Multiethnic Asian Population
Research Articles October 30 2023
Association of Physical Frailty and Cognitive Function in a Population-Based Cross-Sectional Study of American Older Adults
Review Articles October 26 2023
Dietary Patterns and Healthy or Unhealthy Aging
Research Articles October 26 2023
Gut Microbe-Metabolite Profiles Are Associated with Microbial Pathways of Longevity in Women: A Cross-Sectional Study Conducted in China
Review Articles October 25 2023
Cellular Senescence in Human Skin Aging: Leveraging Senotherapeutics
Research Articles October 21 2023
Impact of a COVID-19-Related Lockdown on the Experience of Informal Caregiving in Singapore
Research Articles October 19 2023
Disentangling Stereotypes towards Older Age Groups: Evidence from Factorial Survey Experiments in China and the USA
Brief Reports October 13 2023
Is the Pentagon-Copying Task More than a Cognitive Feature? Associations with Handgrip Strength, Gait Speed, and Frailty in Older Adults
Research Articles October 12 2023
Targeting Cartilage miR-195/497 Cluster for Osteoarthritis Treatment Regulates the Circadian Clock

Early View

Research Articles December 3 2023
Epidemiology and functional impact of early peripheral neuropathy signs in older adults from a general population
Research Articles December 2 2023
Relationship between walking and driving, and cognitive functioning common to both modes of mobility, in healthy older adults
Research Articles November 26 2023
The time-effect relationship between time to surgery and in-hospital postoperative pneumonia (IHPOP) in older patients with hip fracture
Research Articles November 24 2023
‘What’s the most important to them?’ Swiss health care proxies, nurses and physicians discuss planning practices for aged care residents who no longer have medical decision-making capacity
Review Articles November 24 2023
Exercise Regulates Myokines on Aging-related Diseases through Muscle-brain Crosstalk
Research Articles November 23 2023
Testing a conceptual model of physiologic reserve, intrinsic capacity, and physical resilience in hospitalized older patients: A structural equation modelling
Research Articles November 20 2023
Monitoring gait and physical activity of elderly frail individuals in free-living environment: a feasibility study
Research Articles November 20 2023
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Scores and Incident Dementia and Cognitive Decline in Older Men and Women
Research Articles November 15 2023
Association between F2-isoprostane metabolites and weight change in older women: a longitudinal analysis
Letters May 26 2023
Toward a Flexible Use of Frailty Measurements in Older People
Research Articles May 24 2023
Cognition and Financial Decision-Making in Older Adult Spouses
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