We report the case of a female patient suffering from continuous lower abdominal distending pain from an ovarian cyst for 1 year. The sonography taken on February 12, 2008 showed on the right ovary in the frontal position a cystic mass of 43.0 × 22.0 × 45.0 mm, which was found with an intact, regular, and thin membrane and a uniform echo without blood flow. The acoustic density of the sac fluid was transparent. Pelvic fluid collection with a depth of 10 mm existed as a liquid dark area around the uterus. A simple formula of Chinese herbs, Penyan Kang (formula for treating pelvic inflammation), was orally administered to the patient for 90 days. On the 6th return visit on May 10, 2008, the patient said that all the symptoms reported during the first visit had disappeared. The sonography taken on May 27, 2008 showed that the ovarian cyst on the right side had disappeared and that no abnormality was present. No side-effect of the treatment was reported.

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