Background/Purpose: Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and calcium phosphate (Ca-P) cements are widely used for arthroplasty surgery and augmentation of bone defects. However, aseptic implant loosening in absence of wear-induced osteolysis indicates an unfavourable interaction between the cement surface and human osteoblasts. Our underlying hypothesis is that cement surfaces directly modify cell viability, proliferation rate, and cell differentiation. Methods: To test this hypothesis, we examined primary human osteoblasts harvested from six individuals. These cells were pooled and subsequently seeded directly on cement pellets prepared from Palacos® R, Palacos® R+G, and Norian® Drillable cements. After incubation for 24 and 72 h, cell viability, proliferation rate, apoptosis rate, and cell differentiation were analysed. Results: Upon cultivation of human osteoblasts on cement surfaces, we observed a significantly reduced cell viability and DNA content compared to the control. Analysis of the apoptosis rate revealed an increase for cells on Palacos R and Norian Drillable, but a significant decrease on Palacos R+G compared to the control. Regarding osteogenic differentiation, significantly lower values of alkaline phosphatase enzyme activity were identified for all cement surfaces after 24 and 72 h compared to cultivation on tissue culture plastic, serving as control. Conclusions: In summary, these data suggest a limited biocompatibility of both PMMA and Ca-P cements, necessitating further research to reduce unfavourable cell-cement interactions and consequently extend implant survival.

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