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Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Eur Addict Res (2022) 28 (1): 68–79.
Published Online: 17 September 2021
... in smokers in a controlled 1-year follow-up study. Materials and Methods: We recontacted the 345 participants who had taken part in an RCT on imaginal retraining for smokers 1 year later. The survey was carried out online and assessed craving for tobacco (primary outcome), smoking behaviour, well-being...
Journal Articles
Eur Addict Res (2021) 27 (6): 428–438.
Published Online: 02 June 2021
...Deepika Bagga; Cinzia Cecchetto; Christoph Stefan Aigner; Illya Tiraspolski; Karl Koschutnig; Florian P.S. Fischmeister; Veronika Schöpf Introduction: Cigarette smoking is known to modulate brain metabolism and brain function. How the dynamics of these metabolic alterations influence the active...
Journal Articles
Eur Addict Res (2021) 27 (6): 439–446.
Published Online: 03 May 2021
...Giulia Benvegnù; Francesco Tommasi; Stefano Ferraro; Elettra Libener; Marzia Di Chio; Sandra Bosi; Thomas Zandonai; Cristiano Chiamulera Introduction: Although the effects of proximal smoking cues have been widely studied in smokers, little is known on the features associated with background...
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Eur Addict Res (2021) 27 (6): 447–456.
Published Online: 14 April 2021
... sociodemographic determinants for other substance use. Similarly, smoking and alcohol consumption are important determinants for other substance use. The multinomial regression analysis results showed that compared with adults aged 39 years and older, early-emerging adults (aged 18–23 years), late-emerging adults...
Journal Articles
Eur Addict Res (2020) 26 (6): 355–364.
Published Online: 02 September 2020
...Steffen Moritz; Anja S. Göritz; Moana Kraj; Josefine Gehlenborg; Birgit Hottenrott; Peter Tonn; Leonie Ascone; Anya Pedersen; Simone Kühn Objectives: Smoking is a highly prevalent addictive behavior with severe and life-shortening health consequences. This is the first study to evaluate...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Eur Addict Res (2016) 22 (3): 153–162.
Published Online: 17 November 2015
...Juçara X. Zaparoli; Eduardo K. Sugawara; Altay A.L. de Souza; Sérgio Tufik; José Carlos F. Galduróz Background: High oxidative stress, which is caused by smoking, can alter omega-3 fatty acid concentrations. Since omega-3 fatty acids play a role in dopaminergic neurotransmission related...
Journal Articles
Eur Addict Res (2015) 21 (3): 153–159.
Published Online: 31 March 2015
...Lucy Bowes; Aude Chollet; Eric Fombonne; Maria Melchior Background/Aims: The younger individuals quit smoking, the greater the health benefits. We studied the role of adolescent and concurrent psychological, social and familial factors in successful tobacco cessation in a general population sample...
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Eur Addict Res (2015) 21 (3): 124–130.
Published Online: 20 January 2015
... cannabis buds and oil rather than hashish or wax/butane honey oil. Dual users, who both smoked and vaped cannabis, currently smoked 5 joints/week compared to 14 joints/week before they started to vape cannabis (p = 0.004). Half the participants (45%) reported that vaping cannabis helped them stop or reduce...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Eur Addict Res (2014) 20 (4): 183–191.
Published Online: 24 January 2014
...Mariska Bot; Jacqueline Vink; Yuri Milaneschi; Johannes H. Smit; Cornelis Kluft; Jacoline Neuteboom; Brenda Penninx Background/Aims: We examined in cigarette smokers whether cotinine was associated with depressive and/or anxiety disorders. Methods: Data were derived from 1,026 smoking adults...
Journal Articles
Eur Addict Res (2013) 19 (5): 245–251.
Published Online: 15 February 2013
... than a comprehensive treatment program. The only significant predictor of this belief was a similar belief for stopping smoking. Conclusion: Our results indicate that a considerable proportion of German medical students overestimate the effectiveness of willpower to treat smoking and AUD. The addictive...
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Eur Addict Res (2012) 19 (1): 42–46.
Published Online: 28 August 2012
... to the Marlboro ad and liking it. This association remained significant (standardized β = 0.09; p < 0.001) even after statistical control for smoking status, smoking of friends and parents, attitudes towards smoking in general, cigarette advertising receptivity (having a favorite cigarette ad), exposure...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Eur Addict Res (2012) 18 (2): 76–82.
Published Online: 22 December 2011
... collected as part of the fourth wave of data collection of the Smokefree Class Competition intervention in the Saxony-Anhalt region of Germany. Students from the control arm of the Smokefree Class Competition study who indicated that they had ever smoked ‘at least a few puffs’ on a cigarette were classified...
Journal Articles
Eur Addict Res (2012) 18 (2): 70–75.
Published Online: 16 December 2011
...Maarten O. Kok; Trynke Hoekstra; Jos W.R. Twisk Aim: To assess longitudinally whether smoking tobacco is related to muscle strength in healthy adults and to assess the influence of lifestyle covariates on this relation. Methods: Data were obtained from the observational Amsterdam Growth and Health...