Addiction research continues to be a fast-evolving field and European Addiction Research remains committed to evolve with it to best serve its community, now with a new Editor-in-Chief. During the end of 2022, a new Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Karen D. Ersche, is taking over from Prof. Falk Kiefer and Prof. Anna E. Goudriaan, and the Editorial Board will be re-structured to include Associate Editors in order to continuing ensuring expert coverage of the broad range of topics that the journal brings together in its multidisciplinary, innovative, and dynamic directive. With this note, Karger Publishers would like to show its appreciation for the years of collaboration with Profs. Kiefer and Goudriaan and extend a warm welcome to Prof. Karen D. Ersche.


Falk Kiefer joined Wim van den Brink as an Editor-in-Chief in 2011, at a time when the journal was maturing, and the Editorial Board competences were expanded to range from neuro- to social science. This was also when the number of issues per volume increased from four to six, so that the addition scientific community could be updated in the progress in the field bimonthly.

Significantly, during Kiefer and van der Brink’s editorship, in 2016, EuropeanAddictionResearch became the official journal of the European Federation of Addiction Societies (EUFAS). Both Editors-in-Chief and the past and (at the time) present Presidents of EUFAS, Antoni Gual and Karl Mann, believed that the journal and EUFAS were perfect partners to disseminate science-based approaches in European addiction research and treatment to institutions, healthcare professionals, and citizens. Hence, one of the main focuses of the collaboration became the publication of guidelines with the “goal of facilitating open discussion among those active in the scientific and clinical aspects of prevention, diagnosis and therapy as well as dealing with legal issues” [1]. This remains true to the present day, with the journal regularly publishing guidelines and their updates to facilitate harmonization across European countries and assist those lacking the same resources.

Another important activity that emerged from the collaboration between the journal and EUFAS was the launch of the EUROPEAN Addiction Research Award, which annually recognizes “a well-established European researcher who extensively contributed to the understanding and treatment of addictive disorders and their related harms” [2].

Both activities described above highlight the commitment of European Addiction Research to the three main goals of EUFAS: “(1) to enhance addiction research in Europe, (2) to improve and harmonize prevention and treatment of addictions across Europe and (3) to promote policies based on evidence” [1]. Karger Publishers thanks Prof. Kiefer for his central role in establishing and continuously developing this collaboration, as well as for his expert leadership of the journal and editorial board over 12 years, during which the journal impact greatly increased.

Anna E. Goudriaan joined Falk as an Editor-in-Chief of European Addiction Research in 2018. Being a mental health psychologist and professor in working mechanisms and treatment in addiction, Prof. Goudriaan enhanced interdisciplinary research and stimulated the publication of biological, psychological, and social studies in the journal. In addition to her expert management of the journal and Editorial Board, Karger Publishers greatly appreciates the attention and care that she regularly displayed toward readers, authors, and reviewers who reached out to her with questions and innovative suggestions.

Both Prof. Kiefer and Prof. Goudriaan will remain involved with the journal as Board Members, which highlights their commitment to it and further explains Karger’s appreciation of their work for European Addiction Research.

Karen D. Ersche is Professor of Addiction Neuroscience at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge. Her research takes a holistic approach to the study of substance use disorders, combining different methodologies and working in interdisciplinary collaborations, to investigate vulnerability to developing these disorders and the range of impacts that these disorders have on individuals’ health and wellbeing. A key aspect of her work has involved the translation of pre-clinical findings in addiction neuroscience to the human clinical context. Karger Publishers is pleased to welcome Prof. Ersche as the new Editor-in-Chief and looks forward to collaborating with her to continue advancing the journal and supporting its success as a reference journal in European addiction research.

Gabriella Karger, Chairwoman and Publisher

Daniel Ebneter, CEO

Kiefer F, van den Brink W, Gual A, Mann K. European Addiction Research becomes the official journal of the European Federation of Addiction Societies. Eur Addict Res. 2016;22:I–II.
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