In the article entitled “Tattoo Pigment Biokinetics in vivo in a 28-Day Porcine Model: Elements Undergo Fast Distribution to Lymph Nodes and Reach Steady State after 7 Days” [Dermatology. 2024;Feb 23:1–8; DOI: 10.1159/000536126] by Cambiaso-Daniel et al., the corresponding author found that the abstract contains an incorrect unit. In the first sentence of the Results section of the abstract, copper is not 6 mg/kg but 6 g/kg. The correct sentence should read “Results: Titanium (212 g/kg), copper (6 g/kg), aluminum (1 mg/kg), zirconium (1 mg/kg), and chromium (3 mg/kg) were found in the ink.” The original online article has been updated to reflect this.