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Pathology and Cell Biology

Cells are the fundamental component of life itself. We have journals and books dedicated to reporting cutting-edge research on both the normal and pathological development of microscopic structures in our bodies.

The journal Acta Cytologica is the essential resource for today’s cytopathologist, with articles offering an excellent balance between clinical cytology and cytopathology, it fosters the understanding of the pathogenetic mechanisms behind cytomorphology and thus facilitates the translation of frontline research into clinical practice.

The journal Cells Tissues Organs publishes research that helps bridge the gap between cell biology, developmental biology, and the emerging fields of regenerative medicine, such as tissue engineering and artificial organs.

The book series Monographs in Clinical Cytology introduces modern diagnostic techniques and procedures. Each volume correlates extensive basic and clinical findings and describes how innovations in cytology can improve patient diagnosis and management.

The journal Pathobiology offers a valuable platform for the publication of high-quality original research into the mechanisms underlying human disease. Aiming to serve as a bridge between basic biomedical research and clinical medicine, the journal welcomes articles from scientific areas such as pathology, oncology, anatomy, virology, internal medicine, surgery, cell and molecular biology, and immunology.

If you want to reach the right audience for your research results, our journals ensure international readership and worldwide attention. So why not submit your paper to one of our journals? You will benefit from a fast and fair peer-review process, highly trained copy editors, clear article layout, and fast online publication.

Book Series

Biovalley Monographs
Monographs in Clinical Cytology


Acta Cytologica
Cells Tissues Organs

Special Collection Image
Maral Sahil; Yasmine Lucile Ibrahim; Gürkan Kaya
Pallavi Basu; Eleanor Russell-Goldman; Rosalynn M. Nazarian; Shinjita Das
Sébastien Menzinger; Jean-Hilaire Saurat; Gürkan Kaya
Sébastien Menzinger; Sabah Sid’Amar; Gürkan Kaya
Neera R. Nathan; Kevin S. Emerick; Mai P. Hoang; Gideon P. Smith; Molly Yancovitz
William S. Murphy; Jennifer E. Yeh; Rosalynn M. Nazarian; Aliyah R. Sohani; Joseph Kvedar; Daniela Kroshinsky
Sébastien Menzinger; Gürkan Kaya
Emily D. Nguyen; Yun K. Xue; Melissa Danesh; Amir Ameri; Christina Q. Weng; Nikolai Klebanov; Ruth K. Foreman; Rosalynn M. Nazarian; Shadmehr Demehri; Hensin Tsao; Daniela Kroshinsky
Zizi Yu; Yun Xue; Ruth Foreman; Daniela Kroshinsky
Mirelys Barrios; Neera Nathan; Ryan Trowbridge; Molly Plovanich; Rosalynn M. Nazarian; Daniela Kroshinsky
Gabriel E. Molina; Melissa J. Danesh; Ruth K. Foreman; Daniela Kroshinsky
Joseph M. LaRochelle; Victoria R. Dimitriades
Shira Ronen; Rebecca C. Czaja; Natali Ronen; Cooley G. Pantazis; Kenneth A. Iczkowski
Nantia-Eleni Theofilou; Paolo Scolozzi; Tommaso Lombardi
Zizi Yu; Nicholas Theodosakis; Megan J. Fitzpatrick; Ruth K. Foreman; Bonnie Mackool
Anber Ancel Tanaka; Betina Werner; Cassia Farris; Cassio Tornesy
Andrea Saggini; Monia Di Prete; Federico D’Amico; Viviana Lora; Augusto Orlandi
Travis A. Benson; Patrick M. Mulvaney; Mai P. Hoang; Daniela Kroshinsky
Anna Morenz; Sherry H. Yu; Kristine Cornejo; Bonnie Mackool
Zachary E. Holcomb; Sherry H. Yu; Tyler D. Menge; Rosalynn M. Nazarian; Chad J. Jessup
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