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Journal Articles
Dev Neurosci (2023) 45 (5): 276–289.
Published Online: 20 April 2023
... that the moderate expression level of the antimyelination regulator c-Jun and its subtle regulation by Hippo-YAP/TAZ pathway are of the essence in appropriate development and myelination of SCs (Table 1) . Mechanical stimuli also play a crucial part in activating YAP in various developmental stages of SCs...
Journal Articles
Dev Neurosci (2022) 44 (6): 518–531.
Published Online: 14 February 2023
... such that by adulthood the vast majority of AMPARs contain the GluA2 subunit. Both GluA1 and GluA4 are developmentally regulated, and in adults the relative level of GluA4 is very low [ 59‒61 ]. Our previous work in zebrafish suggests that, similar to mammals, AMPARs switch subunits early in development to predominantly...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Dev Neurosci (2019) 40 (5-6): 475–489.
Published Online: 10 May 2019
.... The ferret is an attractive model species as it has a gyrified brain with a white-to-gray matter ratio similar to that in the human brain. A model of encephalopathy of prematurity was developed in postnatal day 10 (P10) ferret kits, considered to be developmentally equivalent to infants of 24–26 weeks...
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Dev Neurosci (2019) 40 (5-6): 617–626.
Published Online: 05 March 2019
... are similar in this range (P7–P9) of the developmental stage. The KO mice showed a significantly higher level of 120-kDa spectrin than the WT pups after HI, but not as much 145/150-kDa spectrin, indicating that HIF1α pathways might protect the cells against apoptosis, rather than the necrotic cell death...
Journal Articles
Dev Neurosci (2018) 40 (1): 39–53.
Published Online: 31 January 2018
...: Roles of the cation-chloride cotransporters in neurological disease. Nat Clin Pract Neurol 2008;4:490-503. 4. Ben-Ari Y: The GABA excitatory/inhibitory developmental sequence: a personal journey. Neuroscience 2014;279:187-219. 5. Delpire E: Cation-chloride cotransporters in neuronal...
Journal Articles
Dev Neurosci (2017) 39 (1-4): 66–81.
Published Online: 18 March 2017
..., Vincent JJ, Rush J, Ballif BA: Comparative phosphoproteomic analysis of neonatal and adult murine brain. Proteomics 2012;12:2185-2189. 12. Doubleday PF, Ballif BA: Developmentally dynamic murine brain proteomes and phosphoproteomes revealed by quantitative proteomics. Proteomes 2014;2:197-207. 13...
Journal Articles
Dev Neurosci (2017) 38 (6): 458–468.
Published Online: 18 February 2017
..., Pellicciari R, Schwarcz R: Perinatal kynurenine 3-hydroxylase inhibition in rodents: pathophysiological implications. J Neurosci Res 2007;85:845-854. 62. Alexander KS, Pocivavsek A, Wu HQ, Pershing ML, Schwarcz R, Bruno JP: Early developmental elevations of brain kynurenic acid impair cognitive...
Journal Articles
Dev Neurosci (2017) 39 (1-4): 97–106.
Published Online: 24 December 2016
...: Developmental malformation of the corpus callosum: a review of typical callosal development and examples of developmental disorders with callosal involvement. J Neurodev Disord 2011;3:3-27. 11. Witelson SF: Hand and sex differences in the isthmus and genu of the human corpus callosum: a postmortem...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Dev Neurosci (2016) 38 (2): 96–104.
Published Online: 12 March 2016
... from any ideas, methods, instructions or products referred to in the content or advertisements. Epigenetics Development Exercise Diet The environment can have lifelong effects on the overall health and wellness of a developing fetus [ 1 ]. Early developmental conditions have been shown...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Dev Neurosci (2015) 37 (4-5): 311–320.
Published Online: 17 February 2015
..., Ferriero D: Developmental localization of NMDA receptors, Src and MAP kinases in mouse brain. Neurosci Lett 2011;503:215-219. 55. Delint-Ramirez I, Fernández E, Bayés A, Kicsi E, Komiyama NH, Grant SGN: In vivo composition of NMDA receptor signaling complexes differs between membrane subdomains...
Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Dev Neurosci (2014) 36 (3-4): 269–276.
Published Online: 01 July 2014
... form of plasticity in fear learning in which contextual fear is developmentally suppressed during a defined period in periadolescence (PD29-39) but is retrieved at later, postadolescent ages (>PD40) [ 21 ]. To determine whether BDNF, which is developmentally regulated postnatally [ 4 ], is involved...
Journal Articles
Dev Neurosci (2014) 36 (3-4): 147–160.
Published Online: 27 June 2014
... adolescence. Taken together, it appears that the developmental mismatch in structural brain maturation is present in neurotypically developing individuals. This pattern of development did not directly relate to self-reported behaviors at an individual level in our sample, highlighting the need for prospective...
Journal Articles
Dev Neurosci (2014) 36 (2): 132–142.
Published Online: 24 May 2014
... desmosterol during neural development proved useful. Although the mature brain is our most cholesterol-rich organ [ 1 ], an efficient block forms early in gestation, preventing the mother from supplying more than about 25% of the cholesterol needed by her newborn fetus [ 2,3,4 ]. Despite the nearly complete...