Background and Aims: Recently, there have been some reports that image-enhanced endoscopy may improve detection of gastric intestinal metaplasia (GIM). Our aim was to determine the usefulness of linked color imaging (LCI) for detection of GIM. Methods: In prospectively recruited patients, the whole antrum was observed by white light imaging (WLI) followed by LCI. When a whitish flat elevation (WFE) in WLI and a lavender color sign (LCS) in LCI were detected, target biopsies were performed after LCI. Random biopsies were performed in patients who had neither WFE nor LCS. The primary endpoint was the diagnostic accuracy of GIM per patient in WLI and LCI and the secondary endpoints were that of GIM per biopsy and interobserver agreement. Results: Data from 128 patients were analyzed and 58 patients (45.3%) had histological GIM in the antrum. The per-patient yields of WLI and LCI to detect GIM were 19.0% (11/58) and 91.4% (53/58) respectively. Diagnostic accuracies of target biopsies for GIM were 23.7% in WLI and 84.2% in LCI. Kappa values among 3 doctors were 0.60 for WFE and 0.78 for LCS respectively. Conclusion: LCI could be a new diagnostic tool for detecting GIM during routine endoscopy.

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