Background/Aim: The aim of this study was to investigate the anti-dysrhythmic effect of long-pulse gastric electrical stimulation (GES) in dogs. Methods: The study was performed in 7 healthy dogs implanted with 4 pairs of serosal gastric electrodes. Each dog was studied in three sessions on 3 separate days in a randomized order with recordings of gastric slow waves. In session 1 or 2, infusion of either saline or glucagon (0.1 U/kg in 20 ml saline instilled in 40 min) was given during the 2nd and 3rd 20-min periods. The protocol of session 3 was the same as that of session 2 except that GES was performed during the 2nd 20-min period. Results: (1) Glucagon induced gastric dysrhythmia and decreased gastric slow-wave coupling (ANOVA, p < 0.001). The long-pulse GES normalized glucagon-induced gastric dysrhythmia and the uncoupling of slow waves. (2) Glucagon induced symptoms and behaviors suggestive of nausea and the symptoms were not improved by long-pulse GES. Conclusion: (1) Glucagon induces gastric dysrhythmias, slow-wave uncoupling and symptoms, and (2) long-pulse GES normalizes glucagon-induced gastric dysrhythmia and slow-wave uncoupling with no improvement in symptoms.

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