There are few studies available comparing the efficacy of loop and distal diuretics and a combination of the two groups, in the treatment of ascites due to liver disease. Thirty-seven nonazotemic cirrhotic patients with ascites were randomly allocated to receive for 2 weeks bumetanide (group A, n = 13), spironolactone (group B, n = 12) or a combination of the two drugs (group C, n = 12) after a 5-day stabilization period. The response to the treatment was 69, 42 and 83% in groups A, B and C, respectively; the difference was not significant. Hypokalemia was seen in 4 patients of group A and mild hyperkalemia in 2 patients of group B. Electrolyte disturbances were minimal in patients of group C. The response to diuretic treatment was prompt in groups A and C. It can be concluded that a combination of loop and distal diuretics is superior to a one-drug regimen in achieving a rapid and better diuretic response with fewer side effects.

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