Background/Aim:Helicobacter pylori (HP) eradication therapy was first recommended as pharmacotherapy for functional dyspepsia (FD). However, the mechanism and effect of eradication on FD symptom improvement have not been fully investigated. This study aimed to investigate the pathology of patients with HP-associated FD, and predictive factors for HP-associated FD. Methods: Ninety-seven patients with chronic gastritis caused by HP infection were divided into the group with FD symptoms and the group ­without FD symptoms. Patient backgrounds, QOL, gastric mucosal atrophy severity, and serum pepsinogen (PG) value were compared between the 2 groups. Twelve months after eradication, those factors were evaluated between HP-associated FD and HP-non-associated FD, and predictive factors of HP-associated FD were analyzed. Results: The FD-positive group existed in 45 (46.3%) out of 97 patients. Twelve months after eradication, there were 34 patients (75.6%) in the HP-associated FD. The mean PG I value in the HP-associated FD was significantly lower than that in the HP-non-associated FD, while the PG II values in the HP-associated FD tended to be lower than those in the HP-non-associated FD. QOL in the HP-associated FD significantly improved after HP eradication. On multivariate logistic regression analysis, it was found that PG II value was a significant predictive factor for FD symptom improvement in the HP-associated FD. Conclusion: HP eradication is an effective initial therapy for FD. PG II value is considered a predictive factor for FD symptom improvement through HP eradication.

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