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Keywords: Apoptosis
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Journal Articles
Cells Tissues Organs (2021) 210 (5-6): 326–338.
Published Online: 19 August 2021
... in osteocytes is still unclear. The objective of the present study was to uncover the regulatory mechanisms that prevent regulated cell death, such as apoptosis, necrosis, and autophagy, under hypoxia. MLO-Y4 cells, a mouse osteocyte cell line, were exposed to various O 2 partial pressures (PO 2 ). Subsequently...
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Cells Tissues Organs (2021) 210 (1): 58–65.
Published Online: 26 May 2021
..., explants were cultured for 48 h, following dissection either 90 or 240 min after enucleation. Retinas were analyzed morphologically using hematoxylin and eosin for overall tissue damage, TUNEL staining for detection of apoptosis, and RBPMS immunohistochemistry for evaluation of ganglion cell survival...
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Cells Tissues Organs (2019) 206 (1-2): 62–72.
Published Online: 04 February 2019
...Maha Abu Gazia; Mohammed Abu El-Magd This study was conducted to evaluate the potential cardioprotective effect of cardamom (CAR) against myocardial injuries induced by doxorubicin (DOX) in rats through investigation of histological alterations and the associated oxidative stress, apoptosis...
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Cells Tissues Organs (2018) 205 (4): 189–196.
Published Online: 27 June 2018
...Yu Feng; Xiang-Yang Tian; Peng Sun; Ze-Peng Cheng; Reng-Fei Shi Mechanical stretch may cause myoblasts to either proliferate or undergo apoptosis. Identifying the molecular events that switch the fate of a stretched cell from proliferation to apoptosis is practically important in the field...
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Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Cells Tissues Organs (2017) 204 (3-4): 191–198.
Published Online: 04 August 2017
... in the PicroSirius Red-stained sections. Doxorubicin, a renowned cardiotoxic and profibrotic agent, triggered apoptosis and disrupted vascular networks in VCSs. Taken together, our findings demonstrate that VCSs are a valid model for the study of the mechanisms involved in cardiac fibrosis, with the potential...
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Cells Tissues Organs (2017) 204 (5-6): 218–227.
Published Online: 27 July 2017
... with conditioned medium (CM) from T17b EPCs and T17b EPCs were treated with CM from MSCs. Proliferation and apoptosis were quantified with a bromodeoxyuridine ELISA and a DNA fragmentation ELISA, respectively. Osteogenic differentiation was detected with an alkaline phosphatase assay and bone morphogenetic protein...
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Cells Tissues Organs (2017) 203 (4): 231–242.
Published Online: 25 January 2017
... function of cytotrophoblasts in relation to the gestational age. The efficacy of MTX in inducing apoptosis of cytotrophoblasts was estimated by terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-mediated dUTP nick end labeling. Results: MTX significantly inhibited the proliferation and differentiation...
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Cells Tissues Organs (2016) 202 (5-6): 355–368.
Published Online: 19 August 2016
... and approximation. The vocal fold expresses an immunohistochemical marker for apoptosis along the apical surface of the epithelium. This study provides a solid foundation for future investigations regarding the role of cell death in vocal fold health and disease. cnovaleski@monell.org 16 05 2016 19...
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Journal Articles
Journal Articles
Cells Tissues Organs (2011) 194 (1): 76–84.
Published Online: 29 December 2010
..., as in pregnancies complicated by diabetes, postmaturity, rhesus incompatibility and pre-eclampsia. This blebbing is compared with similar phenomena associated with apoptosis and zeiosis and it is suggested that it may contribute to fluid homeostasis where normal mechanisms are impaired by thickening or damage...
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Journal Articles
Cells Tissues Organs (2010) 192 (3): 167–176.
Published Online: 16 April 2010
... that mechanical stimulations are involved in regulating the proliferation, apoptosis and synthesis of proteins and cell morphology. In this study, we have considered the effects of a 20% stretching mechanical stress on MRC5 lung fibroblast cells in order to verify the role of survival/apoptotic pathways...
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Cells Tissues Organs (2010) 191 (3): 248–259.
Published Online: 18 September 2009
..., myonuclear size, myosin heavy chain expression, satellite cell number and neuromuscular junction were identical between each type of fiber. Apoptosis was not detected in any myonuclei located either in central or peripheral regions of muscle fibers. Thus, it was suggested that apoptosis-related loss...
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Cells Tissues Organs (2008) 189 (1-4): 56–59.
Published Online: 01 September 2008
...Ming Zhong; Darrell H. Carney; James T. Ryaby; Zvi Schwartz; Barbara D. Boyan Growth plate chondrocytes are susceptible to apoptosis. Terminally differentiated chondrocytes are deleted via apoptosis, which primes the growth plate to vascular invasion and subsequent bone formation. Whether less...
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Cells Tissues Organs (2008) 189 (1-4): 60–64.
Published Online: 14 August 2008
...Ryuichi Fujisawa; Morimichi Mizuno; Masato Tamura Dentin phosphoprotein, the major noncollagenous protein in dentin, has effects on differentiation of odontoblast-like cells. This study was designed to investigate the effect of the protein on apoptosis of the cells. The odontoblast-like cells were...
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