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Leaders in Research Article Series

Showcasing the latest leading research in fields of cell biology, developmental biology and the emerging fields of regenerative medicine.

Check Out Our Leaders in Research Article Series

In the “Leaders in Research Article Series”, we compile articles from scientists who advance biomedical knowledge on the basis of their ability to detect significant outliers, to refine cutting-edge methodology, to formulate logic of life concisely and rigorously, or to inspire early career researchers about the wonders of cells, tissues and organs. The series will include articles that collectively present unexpected but significant personal observations, formulate transparent descriptions for complex regulatory networks or topographical arrangements, propose novel hypotheses, commemorate the anniversary of past (maybe largely forgotten) breakthroughs, and present unorthodox scientific thinking of any important biomedical aspect.

We hope that the series will provide an accessible platform which transports new trains of thought applicable to Cells Tissues Organs readers’ diverse research interests.


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