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Keywords: Salivary flow rate
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Caries Res (2014) 48 (3): 193–199.
Published Online: 29 January 2014
...Alessandra B. Borges; Taís Scaramucci; Frank Lippert; Domenick T. Zero; Anderson T. Hara This study investigated the effect of a calcium lactate prerinse on sodium fluoride protection in an in vitro erosion-remineralization model simulating two different salivary flow rates. Enamel and dentin...
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Caries Res (1996) 30 (1): 22–28.
Published Online: 24 November 2009
... of developing caries Salivary flow rate Salivary tests Caries Research Original Paper Caries Res 1996;30:22-28 M. Vehkalahti E. Nikula-Sarakorpi I. Paunio Department of Cariology, University of Helsinki, Finland Evaluation of Salivary Tests and Dental Status in the Prediction of Caries Increment...
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Caries Res (1992) 26 (6): 423–427.
Published Online: 19 November 2009
... 1992:26:423-427 5. Watanabe Department of Pediatric Dentistry School of Dentistry. Higashi Nippon Gakuen University. Hokkaido. Japan Salivary Clearance from Different Regions of the Mouth in Children Key Words Deciduous dentition Salivary clearance Salivary flow rate Abstract The aim of this study...
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Caries Res (2003) 37 (2): 142–147.
Published Online: 27 March 2003
...–9.33) compared to those with HbA1 c <8.5. It can be concluded that poor glycemic control strengthens the positive association of MS and lactobacilli with dental caries. Buffering capacity Dental caries HbA1 c Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus Lactobacilli Salivary flow rate...
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Caries Res (2001) 35 (3): 167–172.
Published Online: 24 May 2001
.... Fluoridated milk Fluoride excretion Labial gland saliva Salivary flow rate Urinary fluoride Whole saliva fluoride Original Paper Caries Res 2001;35:167 172 Received: January 31, 2000 Accepted after revision: December 12, 2000 Fluoride Concentrations of Unstimulated Whole and Labial Gland Saliva...
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Caries Res (1999) 33 (3): 191–195.
Published Online: 08 April 1999
.... Statistically significant correlations were found between DMFT, DMFS mean values, and salivary microbiological counts. 8 4 1999 Adolescents Buffer capacity Candida/yeast Dental caries Lactobacilli Mutans streptococci Salivary flow rate Original Paper Caries Res 1999;33:191 195 Received...
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Caries Res (1999) 33 (1): 23–31.
Published Online: 26 November 1998
...E. Giertsen; H. Emberland; A. Aa. Scheie The aim of this study was to test the hypothesis that xylitol, alone and in combination with fluoride, affects the salivary flow rate and micro–biota, dental plaque accumulation, gingivitis development, and the acidogenic potential of plaque. Three groups...