In the article by Marinko et al. entitled “Baseline QRS Area and Reduction in QRS Area Are Associated with Lower Mortality and Risk of Heart Failure Hospitalization after Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy” [Cardiology 2022;147:298–306; DOI: 10.1159/000522151], there is an error in the legends of two figures. Specifically, Figure 2 and its associated caption, “Kaplan-Meier estimates of survival free of heart failure hospitalization. Based on postimplant QRS area reduction above or below median (cutoff = 35% reduction),” appear to have been misaligned. The content depicted in Figure 2 should instead correspond to the illustration and caption currently attributed to Figure 3; i.e., the illustration in Figure 2 should be changed to Figure 3 and the related caption to Figure 3, and vice versa.

The original article has been updated.