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Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop Series

In 1981, 'Nestlé Nutrition' was created with the aim of improving and disseminating knowledge on health and nutrition, as well as providing scientific information to the medical profession. Initially, 'Nestlé Nutrition' consisted of the book series 'Nestlé Nutrition Workshop Series: Pediatric Program', which since 1997 has been extended to include also the ‘Nestlé Nutrition Workshop Series: Clinical & Performance Program’. In 2011, these two book series merged to form the ‘Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop Series’. One of the major components of the series is the organization of workshops and the publication of the proceedings. Each workshop focuses on the latest findings, the controversies and further research needs concerning various topics in nutrition. The books of this series will be of great assistance to pediatricians, clinical investigators, sports scientists as well as health workers and nutritionists concerned with both adult and pediatric health and nutrition.


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